Week 4 - Pitch Feedback

Sheryl Shen - Thu 26 March 2020, 3:31 pm

After our pitch, we gained lots of feedback from the class. The main concern was that it may have a negative impact for children of pull, twisting and pushing the plush toys.

Pitch Feedback:

  • Aim to the ultimate product, Instead of thinking of technology
    • After the discussion with the team, we aimed to implement voice output the questions instead of using website (may consider the target user age group)
  • The interaction/input may be too violence, maybe hugging the bear the answer of times
    • Our team have reconsidered the interaction with the toy so that the children can have more emotional connection with the toy
  • Can only hug the bear only if you finish the game
    • It is a great solution, since it reminds the kids of achieving certain tasks before getting rewarded (A sense of responsibility)
  • Since Math is a hard subject for kids, maybe use friendly tone to interact with them
    • The voice feedback will be designed based on the children's age. Instead of 'Its incorrect, try again', 'You're almost correct, have another try' will be implemented.
  • If its Math, try using other tools such as blocks
    • It will be hard and not really visual for children to use plush bear to learn Math, so if we are going to teach children Math, we will think about another toy that is more suitable for the purpose.
  • Ask the child to ‘show me something’ that is yellow
    • I think the idea suits our concept very well, since the children can walk around the room to point which achieve our purpose of learning with motor skills
  • Scope: instead of teaching variant of thing > learn specific thing > focus exploration on specific things
    • This is the problem we will further discussed with research as backup our concept
  • Output: glowing patch, heat, buzzing, music, vibration
    • The sound and touching sensation are interesting outputs, which will easily catch the kids eyes
  • Rethink the age group to younger depending on where you take the education aspect

Next Step

  • Determine the age range using Australian learning criteria
  • Choose a topic (Math/Colour/English) based on the target group
  • The input and output based on the target group and topic of whether reading, listening or speaking