Week 4 - Presentation

Zhuoran Li - Sun 29 March 2020, 11:14 pm

I have given feedback to most of the presentations. It would be too long-winded to list them in the journal, so I prefer to talk about something I was interested in and some feelings during the presentation.

Concepts related to video game

Having watched all the presentations, there are some ideas I think it’s really interesting. As I’m a video game lover, I have paid more attention to the concept of games. However, when I see those concepts, I always find it is similar to something I have known. Well, I have to admit that you can always see Nintendo from the gesture controller. So, as Nintendo has done so well in this area, can the controllers break the restrict of gestures or is it possible to be used in another area instead of just games.

Another concept’s a robot to “help” people make decisions. In another course, I have thought about using games to help people diagnose the mental disease as people can make decisions that they most want and do not have to think about the real limitations. The aim of this concept is very different and the form reminded me of the game “The Stanley Parable” Also, the aim is to think about the relation between people and technology.

There is another game for blind people. I really like this concept. Because looking through all the concepts, this might be the only one that specially designed for the disabled.

What’s new in this course

At first, I thought this course is a bit like design thinking. But now, I think the difference is that I need to consider the practice for the project. I can see that most of the concepts are designing for a certain problem and a certain group of people. Not only the interaction but they also consider whether people would accept it, is it safe enough, will it interrupt others and many other features.

Online presentation

It’s not the first time for me to have a meeting through zoom. But because of the hardware equipment, I have lost the chance to get more feedback after our team’s presentation which it’s quite disappointing. So, next time, I would make sure at least my microphone would work. Another thing it’s that without seeing people’s mouth, it becomes hard for me to understand others. Good chance to practice listening. ==