Week 4 - Presentation Feedack

Shuang Wu - Sun 29 March 2020, 8:52 pm

Fire safety using audiometrics

Cannot touch and use the real concrte tools via phone, since there could be a gap when it comes to reality from the virtual environment. It could be more interesting if it combines with the VR or AR, which can reconstrct the realy world.


Should avoid the potential dangers. Competion can be a motivation for housework. Projector seems can be placed by VR for more interesting contents.

Emotional birds

I was thinking people's emotion at one time can be complex, for example i can be angry, regretful and overwhelmed at one time. So a mixed input and output can be considered.


People could have different feeling at one color, and it could annoy people when making sound in the public.


A sudden sound in the public could annoy the others, and the aggressive words might offend people.


The interaction seems single and simple. And it would be annoying when everything can make a sound.


A penalty can be added when the users have a wrong try. And how about use different auditory for feedback.


Are the 9 years old chiled the best target users? Should research about educational background to find out what kind of contens suit for which group best. Also it could be more resaonable if there is a feedback for the wrong try.