Week 4: Presentation, Feedback and Future

Anshuman Mander - Sat 28 March 2020, 2:58 pm
Modified: Sun 29 March 2020, 12:37 pm

Online Classes -

This week, we got our first online class and surprisingly, it was pretty much the same as normal class. The teams presented and critique was given through slack. My team's presentation went well (thanks to Amraj for presenting) and we gained a few insights that has helped us expand the concept. Presentation slides can be viewed here.

Overall, every presentations was awesome and some of them had a really concrete concept. Interstingly, the presentations that had the least data and more idea exploration were the most eye gazing. Sketches helped them to get the idea across and this is something I personally can learn from. I will try to involve more sketches (even rough ones) to get the message across. Moving along, lets see some critiques we got.

Critiques & Moving Ahead-

Before going into presentations, we had some questions regarding future direction of concept. The questions aimed at acquiring info regarding everyday usage of concept, what other mediums can this be utilised in and if the message is of interest to people or not.

Reading the critiques, it becomes explicit that viewers are confused about our idea. Some viewers asked in critique, how the concept is supposed to increase trust in machines. There may have been some mistake on our part while presenting because our aim with the concept was to not trust machines.

Except that, when fellow mates commented about everyday interaction, the general advice was to move away from maze format and use decision making in everyday things.

  • One idea I can think of involves making the concept an assitant to help do daily task. While performing daily tasks, users are given choices that either compromises assistants health or the users time. The more time user saves and lower the assistant health goes, the more broken/sassy it becomes. In this way the concept encompasses both the goal and everyday interaction. The team with discuss this matter further as well.

Another thing the critics disliked was the interaction. Simple levers didn't satisfy their need for a playful interaction.

  • Going ahead, the team's looking at other forms of interaction but currently we have no leads. We will try best to accomplish once we decide on the form of concept (robot or assistant or such).

Moving ahead, we are going to focus on finalising the form and interaction in concept. Our goal still remains same since people did like our aim of distrust in machines.