Week 4 - Presentations

Liony Lumombo - Sun 29 March 2020, 10:57 pm

Because of Corona, the course model has changed. And the lecture week goes back one week. And Zoom everywhere and every day. Week 4 is presentation week. My group's schedule is on Tuesday in the second session.

My group was preparing for our presentation on pause week. We divided the tasks to prepare slides to be presented, then record our voices to be later made into one video. I got the Inspirations, Purpose and Target Audience sections. Because I knew very well for these parts, one problem that arises at this stage is the division of tasks that are forgotten to be written clearly on the document, so the works were done based on "as I recall".


On the day of the presentation, I saw several presentations from other groups. I concluded that many groups did not consider the target audience very well. Some groups state that their ideas are for everyone, all children, or all the others. Designing for children is different from creating something for adults. For children, there are individual restrictions. Children's toys sold in stores always include an age match for these toys with consideration of safety, importance and comfort. For this reason, in World Café activities, the target audience is discussed and should be taken seriously.


Bee Bear Lions get feedback and critique for our presentation. The point that concerns me is "whether our ideas can teach programming to children". Because based on the tutor's explanation, even though children learn coding with the game, when they are confronted with the actual programming language, they will not be able to solve it. This issue is still a matter of debate and consideration in our group.

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