Week 4 Reflection

John Cheung - Thu 26 March 2020, 1:25 am


Body as controller is our domain, we have developed a project called Handy Aero, which required users to use their hand gesture to control the game characters. Our group has selected the pre-recorded option for the presentation. My part is user study. The main target audience our group focusing on are "People who have mysophobia" and "People who are tired of using physical controllers".

User Research

Because of the spreading coronavirus, users are afraid of sharing and touching objects in public area. In Hong Kong, most board-game cafe and internet cafe are even closed to stop the spreading. To enjoy gaming in this special time, gesture controller is a wise choice. Without touching any physical objects, users can enjoy gaming with others. But the limitation is, we can't adopt this controlling method on complicated games. In our project, we planed to build an aircraft fighting mini game to maximise the adaptability of gesture control devices. Also, suggested by the gamers, traditional gesture controllers are lack of feedback and interaction, we planned to build a wristband that generate vibration and other interactive elements to improve user experience in gesture control.


We had received a lot of feedback saying that our project was too similar to leap motion and Kinect. What we wanted to was building something on top of it, but not building something similar to it. In this project, we planned to buy leap motion for gesture recognition, and created two wristbands that provided feedback and hopefully generated resistance to simulate the aircraft flying environment. But it was not discussed during our pitch due to the uncertainty and the lack of planning. After discussing with tutors, our group planned to focus on another topic in the same domain that allowed us to create something more interactive and meaningful, for example, mental and physical health, vehicles (toy) racing. Our next group meeting will be held on Friday this week. I hope we can come up with an extraordinary idea to replace the existing one.