Week 4 Tuesday

Tuva Oedegaard - Tue 24 March 2020, 4:37 pm

After presentation reflection

We presented our idea through a pre-recorded video in the first session Tuesday. Our team got a lot of useful feedback. Lorna’s initial comment was where it was supposed to be and if we could transfer it into a more everyday life situation? In the break, we walked through some of the comments on slack and we continued with a few of these after the class session as well.

Some feedback focused on the context of the concept – this is maybe more of an “installation” type, rather something someone would use or engage within their everyday life. I was also thinking that we have a perfect situation to test in these times – most people are working from home and it would be interesting to move the installation home to people that now has to work online – that are not used to working online.

Some people suggested different inputs or outputs or even making this user. Some had very valid points of the fact that this idea is simplifying the complexity of emotions. Maybe we’d want to explore how we can include the complexity of emotions in this fairly simple concept.

We should also consider a more concise user group. So far we’ve been targeting most people that pass by this point, but if we move it to the homes we might wanna look at separating into for example family homes, share houses, people living alone etc. This can be good opportunities for a split in the group too, where we look at different target groups.


Day 1 of online teaching - how did it go?

I must say I'm impressed it went as well as it did with the online teaching today, although Zoom crashed. It was annoying that we are not able to use videos, as this gives a better feel of interacting with real people than just seeing the photos. The video-sharing web page worked well! I am noticing that it's gonna be hard to complete the semester like this, I actively did not sign up for online studies because I like to be there physically. But there is not much to do about that.