Week 5

Jiayu Li - Tue 7 April 2020, 5:47 am

One team member of our group dropped this course due to the online teaching, so with the help of the teacher, three members of our group and two members of another group formed as a new team. fortunate, both of our topics are "body as controller".

Meeting 1

Through the first meeting, we learned about the research theme of their group. Their team is based on environmental protection games, through the body control to eliminate harmful waste, and finally get a certain educational significance. Our team uses physical control sensors to strike objects in the virtual vent space.

Through the feedback of the speech, we summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the two groups:

-Our team:

Advantages :Specific sensors and background research are available to provide adequate information on solutions to relieve stress.

Disadvantages :Because of the use of destroying virtual items to release pressure, this method of decompression is questioned whether it is "too extreme." Some people asked that if users use this method to relieve stress for a long time, maybe they will be violent.

  • Their team:

Advantages:With a good background (environmental protection), environmental protection is a popular topic in nowadays life. We can extend the application of this theme to have good educational significance.

Disadvantages :There are no specific plans, such as what sensors will be used to make the game.


By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the two projects, we have generated a new idea:

We decided to use the background of protecting the environment, which can make our works more meaningful. On the other hand, we will continue to make use of body control sensors to hit trash that destroys the natural environment. (Eg: In an ocean scene, there is some marine debris floating in the water. The user can use the glove in his hand to trigger the sensor to eliminate the garbage in the ocean. This is just a preliminary idea) Such a combination makes up for, in addition to the shortcomings of the two groups, the goals and themes are also more abundant.

week 5