Week 5

Shuang Wu - Sat 18 April 2020, 10:31 pm

This journal should have been completed by the 5th week, but i had too much work to do in that week, like the thesis proposal and team proposal for this course, then i deciedd to fetch up during the mid-term break.

In week 5, the main work done was about the team proposal. We firstly disussed the requirements and allocated the tasks for each member. And then mainly discussed our pitch feedback for refinement and inspiration.

There are some quite appealing suggestion, however we had to consider the technology restriction. The concept of our existing functions was already very complicated, which has made us face great challenges to realize. After discussing the relevance and feasibility of the suggestion, we selected some areas that requires more attention:

Safety Issues: There are some potential danger, as the player may hurt others or themselves when waving the game prop. In the case of invisibility, the players may fall as well.

Headphone: Actually, i thought about using the headphone to simulate the sounds from different directions. However, at that time i was not sure can me make sound from different directions in the headphone, and how can i connect the headphone with Arduino. It seems easier to connect Arduino with four independent speakers. But we'd like to figure out is the headphone a better choice.

Haptic Feedback: It's definitely a great choice´╝îas various interactions would make the game more intereesting. But the additional feedback must be reasonable, as it's meaningless if just add a vibration when there's already sound feedback.

For the individual focus, i was mainly responsible for the related work searching, Arduino programing and building, as well as the physical construction.

I come out using another Arduino kits to realise our functions.

When i was trying to figure out the safety issues,the first thought was to make the weapon with a soft material, then somehow i remembered the live shootout game. The player can send a signal by pulling the gun trigger, and the body armor can receive the signal. If i make our weapon a signal transmitter just like the remote controllor, and then it can not only realise our functions but also figure out the potential danger when waving the weapon with srenuous movement. In this case, i can just put 4 Infrared reveiver in the four directions and then a remote can interact with them. What's more, i learned that the differenet buttons on the remote can also be detected. So it can implement multiple functions at the same time, for example start/pause the game, make different reactions.