Week 5/6 - Update and Reflection

Michelle Owen - Tue 7 April 2020, 12:34 pm

Studio and Workshop Reflection

We did a lot of work in last week's studio and workshop. The report gave us an opportunity to start a conversation about how we are tracking and the transition to online learning.

As expected, I am still struggling a bit to maintain active focus and motivation. I think adopting the pomodoro approach - like Lorna suggested, could be really beneficial. I have been trialing a 25 minute work period which has been going well so far, so here's hoping that trend continues.

The teaching team were able to provide a lot of insight which helped shape my individual design direction. As established in my last post, I have moved away from subjectivity and want a stronger focus on an objective link from sound to colour. I am pretty happy with how to potential concept addresses accessibility needs and an open-ended interaction approach. Hopefully, I have been able to justify this in my individual section of the report.


Team Update

The team have been really good with maintaining active communication. I am to read through and edit the whole report tomorrow, so I am pretty happy with the team's organisation as well.

We should have a near final report by tonight which details our design process and relevant justification by tonight.

Concept Development

I conducted some interviews and conversations with friends to establish some sounds that could be used as part of my individual direction. A lot of the responses overlapped which is brilliant to show converging mental models. At the moment, sound to colour links include:

Red = Fire (red) crackling

Orange = Fallen leaves (orange) crunching under foot

Yellow = Birds chirping on a sunny (yellow) day

Green = Wind in the trees (green)

Blue = Running water (blue)

Purple = Thunder in a storm (purple)

White = Aeroplane in the clouds (white)

Black = Crow (black) cooing

Divergences included black: owl hooting at night, purple: bees buzzing on flowers, white: snow falling and orange:carrot snapping


I was looking into how Year One's are able to communicate their emotions. Current curriculum standards ask Year One's to draw/ paint their emotion using colour and facial expressions. I have chosen to further extend this concept to address accesibility constraints and a higher degree of creativity.