Week 5 - Document & Reflection

Sheryl Shen - Sun 5 April 2020, 11:19 am

Last Team Meeting 29/03

Last meeting, our team started to discuss the proposal by listing out the dot points for each section in order to get a comprehensive view. We reviewed feedback we gained from the pitch and consolidated our concept by researching and discussing among the team. I focused mainly on the feedback part since I have received the direct recommendations from the teaching team during the pitch, thus, I have a better perception on summarising feedback as well as noting down the change of concept from the team discussion.


With the experience from the previous week, I am more familiar with the online teaching method. I have little zoom connection issues, maybe because of the reducing students per session and the use of voice connection.

We have our team meetings on Zoom and collaborate the documents on google drive, and the two online platforms work fine for us and after a week, our team adapts the situation well in terms of group work and self motivation.

The team's plan for the coming week will be finishing up the proposal and for myself, my priority will be finalising the individual concept and finishing the proposal. Afterwards, I will research the possible technology to build the prototype and look for suitable materials.

My concerns for the coming week includes the use of Arduino kits, and the technology, skills and resources I need to build my prototype.

Reflection after contact

During the report back session, our team realised that we are a bit behind schedule. We have discussed among the group and with Lorna to clarify about the segment of group and individual work. We have discussed breaking down the concept by topics, age groups or interactions.

Personally, I am interested in teaching kids math by using lego blocks, however, my concern is that using lego blocks has limited interaction with the kids besides physically moving the blocks from one place to another place.