Week 5 Journal Entry

Chuike Lee - Fri 24 April 2020, 11:15 pm

This week I worked some more on the related work section of team project and defined aspects of individual project direction.

Related Work (group project):

I specifically created this is a key for identifying subtopics within the overall topic. It was actually interesting to learn of the recognition and significance now of integrating creative learning to improve learning outcomes of schools. It is not just for our young target audience but for older students as well. Research work has found that it makes a child more confident with subject area being explored and this is derived from a freedom to express their own understandings. It is also found to encourage children to direct their own growth as far as academic explorations outside the classroom. There were a few aspects that were outstanding in exploring the creative learning domain: every child is creative, teachers nurturing children’s creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills being homed, a fun environment boosts creativity.

There was particularly an interactive installation by TeamLab in Japan. There children would colour in (a fish for example) then it would be scanned and they can watch it (their coloured-in creation) swimming in the large aquarium with other fishes in the ocean. The image below represents this information.


Individual Section idea

Work/ Focus on the unstructured creativity elements.

A big part of creative learning is freedom to express own understanding of something. I want my concept to allow users to freely create form their own imagination. Sort of like a blank canvas and they can put anything they want on; draw, paint, colour. All virtual/ augmented of course, but still open enough to unleash their imagination. The concept should foster collaboration as well as individual work where the users have the agency of the type of experience they choose to have. The interaction will be with a large display carpet. It will initially be presented as a blank canvas in the form of display similar to a touch screen. The children can sit, walk, stand, or lay on it while it is being used. To interact with the display surface they will need interactive and colour representational gloves. The gloves will be in accordance with the standard additive primary colours red, green, and blue (RGB) and will have touch capacity to interact with the surface. By using the red glove only on the surface then only red will be drawn/ coloured unto the screen to reflect the movement of the child. However, if the child collaborates with someone wearing a pair of green gloves then together they produce yellow colour on the canvas. If the child wants to colour alone, they can still mix colour by using one red glove and one green on separate hands to produce a yellow colour or drawing in.

The images below represent the above explanation.

Imgur Imgur

Initial thoughts on how to create this concept is:

  • Epoxy resin solution for carpet writing surface
  • Ways to project ultra short throw images from behind for structured learning
  • Ways to project an interactive/ responsive writing surface on the carpet/ resin solution
  • Ways to detect difference in pressure applied to write on the carpet for example if someone is writing on the surface with their hands or feet versus walking on the carpet.

* walking would be represented by footprints moving around but disappears once the student stops walking

* or further disappears when a different input is detected such as drawing/writing with their hands.

* It detects walking pressure and removes it once walking stops

* It detects drawing input and needs an eraser glove to remove it

I am still researching possible ways to build the physical installation for testing but so far this is how it is looking.