Week 5 Part 1

Rhea Albuquerque - Sun 29 March 2020, 10:12 am

New Concept and New Team

On Wednesday I got put into a new team. Really lucky to have been accepted into a team that is doing a project I am interested in and has so much scope.

The Theme: Every day people are becoming more aware of the impact that their energy usage at home has on their bills and the environment. With the growing attention, users are gradually making efforts to change their energy consumption ways, however, this can be quite tricky when users are surrounded with luxuries such as air conditioning, high definition TVs and unlimited clean water.

Currently, their idea is to have a sphere-shaped object to bounce around, make noise and basically annoy the user until they make a change. They intend on using NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT to change these behaviours and make people more aware.

Below is some of the brainstorming and research I have done over the weekend based on their feedback from critiques and notes from their pitch presentation.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

Research Links: https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-negative-reinforcement-2795410