Week 5 - Part 2

Seamus Nash - Fri 3 April 2020, 9:10 am
Modified: Fri 3 April 2020, 9:37 am

In the workshop, as a team we looked into the report in more detail and we kept doing some research into our concept.

As we read through it all, we realised that our new concept didn't have a real "physical" aspect to it. After a chat with tutors about our concept, we realised that we needed to change this aspect of it to add the physical factor. To do this our team discussed potential solutions that we looked into earlier that we could consider.

In the end, the team decided to split the interactions with a single person vs several people in the elevator. To add a physical factor, for the single person, the elevator gives the user an image of a human silhouette posing. To continue, the user must pose the same for the elevator to move. This is similar to what an xbox kinect would entail in their interactions. For several people in the elevator, the elevator gives one person a charade topic then the person then acts out that and the other people have to guess what that user is acting out.

To do some research in how I would prototype this, I had a look at a speech done by Charlie Gerrand - a developer who talks about using arduino and JavaScript to create a similar experience but with street fighter. It was at the SUMMIT conference done in 2019. The video is below

Going forward, as we had already finished most of the sections of the report relating to the old concept we had previously gone with, we have to change and amend these sections to suit the new concept as well as add more research into it.