Week 5 Project Process

Annan Yuan - Sun 5 April 2020, 3:29 pm
Modified: Sun 5 April 2020, 3:31 pm

Concept Discussion

Based on the feedback analysis from last week, we discussed how to improve our group design.


We add one more bud to provide users opportunities to have more interactions with our product, LOME.

Physical Interactions

In our new design concept, users will be able to have more Physical Interactions with the flower and the bud.

Once the user considers complaining about their working time or studying life to the flower, they need to pull out a red petal and put the petal on the one-leaf bud. In this case, the red pulled out petal will change to green which means your negative mood is reborn through the bud. When the user finishes negative emotion sharing, they can pull out the color changed petal from bud and put it back to the flower.

In the process of expressing negative emotions, LOME will use funny ways to help users switch emotions.

Motivate Users to Learn Emotion Management

In the new concept, We want the flowers to simply greet family members each day when they come home from work or school, and each person's response determines the status of the flowers. When mom came home before, for example, LOME will ask the mother "how are you doing today", if the mother gave a positive response, such as good, all the petals are green. When dad came home flowers of color can let dad know this moment the emotional state in the home, while LOME still will ask dad how is him today, and dad's answer to remove all the positive answers will make flowers and even appear red and green. And the color state of the flower seen by the members of the family at the moment is the emotional state of the latest member to return home. If the family member's mood is not good, which means half of the petals are green and half of them are red, so that family member can vent the negative emotions with the LOME.


When users returned home, in addition to LOME status will be updated according to the members of the emotional color, LOME mainly only detecting the negative emotions in the home, such as complaining about the use of words or dirty words, ten negative words will change one green petal to red, and the mood at the user failed to take the initiative to interact with flowers to vent conditions can make the petals of red color, when most of the petals are red, LOME will take the initiative to issue inquiry "look you now the mood is not very good, want to chat with me?" Such an invitation can make users aware of their negative emotions, and encourage them to express them actively, so as to realize the management of their own emotions.