Week 6

Jiexiang Xu - Tue 14 April 2020, 9:14 pm


A total of two activities were done in the studio. The first activity is Observation. I chose to find related videos on Youtube for observation and analysis.


After I checked the content written by other students, I found that most people chose the video like me, but there were still a small number of people who chose different ways (text descriptions or reports on trains on other social platforms).

Reason for choosing video: Compared with the other two methods, video is the closest to the naked eye. Because the video is displayed in the form of video, you can collect the corresponding data according to your needs when conducting the observation experiment, and will not be affected by the subjective point of view (text reports are easy to carry personal tendencies, such as increasing, deleting and distorting the intention and behavior of the interviewee, so additional judgment and screening are required when selecting. If the data is analyzed only by audio, because of the absence of images, the occurrence and interpretation of emergencies can only rely on imagination and speculation, this is not conducive to the restoration of truth.) In addition, most of the video contains audio. Therefore, the combination of video and audio is the main observation method, and the text description is used to supplement the details. This is the best observation method I think.

According to the documentation provided by Lorna (alternative method), I found several online survey methods that we can use in the future for user evaluation. Although these methods are not the most ideal (the most ideal is face-to-face interviews), they are currently the most suitable methods for us and can be used. At present, my idea is that during the testing phase, we put our equipment in one place, and then obtain user data through video recording and remote online access. After our discussion, we found that the most suitable way is to record based on the camera. The reason is the points I mentioned earlier.

Break down

The following is the cooperation content of our team

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Individual progress

This week my main job is to write individual and group reports. There is no great progress in learning Arduino and familiarizing with kits. But in order to understand the sensors that may be needed in the future, I watched several videos to help me understand.

In addition, I read a few Arduino's official use introductions to understand the specific use method. Although I have been in touch with the Arduino digital prototype before, it was almost 2 years ago, so I am still very new to the use of Arduino.

Work to do

  • Collect the material used to make the dropper and try to make it
  • Determine the required sensors and place the order
  • Learn a few Arduino tutorials (about lighting, sound collection, and storage)
  • For the details of my personal direction, I need to further improve the design