Week 6

Shuang Wu - Mon 20 April 2020, 5:30 pm

This week in the studio, we learned more about the report proposal by the desconstrctions, and also the methods for user discovery.

Observation & Methods

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Team Miro Board


Before this session, one of my biggest conern is the accessible to my target users. It's not so easy to get in touch personally with blind groups, not to mention the current virus ourbreak. However, i was clear how to carry on this part after the class and the conversation with Lorna. Firstly, we can look for the support groups and community organisations online, like i can contact them on the facebook. And then, when it comes to the user testing session, i could use proxy users if i have tried my best to find my target users and failed. The proxy users can be our peers who get blindfloded. I think the next step is to do some research about the precautions talking to the blind people and then find related groups online. Luckily, there are some in the Facebook.