Week 6

Jiayu Li - Wed 29 April 2020, 12:03 pm

Reflaction & Feedback

  • How to release pressure

The vast majority of comments made this suggestion, so we focused on this aspect. Indeed, in our design, hitting items were selected for pressure relief. Based on our initial research, this may be suitable for some people. But in the comments we received, we also found more suggestions, such as touching virtual animals or meditation, which are some more peaceful ways to relieve stress. We discussed the current design principles in detail, and according to the suggestions received, there are indeed some violent factors in our plan, which may not be healthy for our target group. After discussion, we hope to find a healthy way to relieve stress. In the comments, we found suggestions for exercise to relieve stress. We quickly adopted this suggestion. First of all, sports are more suitable for our current ideas. Then, in the initial survey literature, we also found effective evidence that exercise can relieve stress. Therefore, we decided to change the direction to exercise to release pressure. In the next plan, we will conduct more investigations in terms of exercise to relieve stress.

  • Positive and negative pressure

This is a very worthwhile point of view. For different people, the stress in life may bring positive or negative effects, which may be related to everyone's feelings about stress. In our design, our target group is the pressure group. Such a statement may not be comprehensive. Our design should be based on user needs. Therefore, the concept should be aimed at people who are stressed and uncomfortable with current stress and need to relieve stress. As mentioned in the comments, stress has positive effects, but in our concept, we should focus more on the negative effects of stress and help those who are facing the negative effects of stress to relieve stress.


Team discussion

In Tuesday class, we report back on what everyone had done and any concerns. Everyone was answering the same question that they had done last week in the report.

After that, we have a team meeting, according to the feedback we have a new idea for our concept. We will remove the idea of the theme of environmental protection and create a new movement method for decompression. We think that this can highlight the idea of decompression rather than environmental protection. If there are too many themes, our work will feel messy.


Individual part

Next week

Determine the preliminary prototype

❖ Make a survey of preferred exercise method

❖ Evaluate the survey

❖ Design preliminary prototype