Week 6

Fardeen Rashid - Sat 20 June 2020, 7:29 pm


In this week’s meeting our entire team did our brain storming and breakdown of the concept on the Miro Board. we divided all the tasks that needed to be completed by each team member and how those individual tasks can be incorporated back together again. we made two mind Maps, one for the actual prototype and concept explaining the different aspects of ITSY and the second one is more about targeting the weaknesses strengths context abuse and all the surrounding factors regarding ITSY.

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General Update:

I was thinking about how to connect my Arduino to the computer add have successfully transferred data between them. I was not sure what the initial prototype will look like.

This week We finalise how we will tackle creating this learning toy. we decided to have one final prototype and each of us working on different features of their prototype. this allowed us to maintain a good level of cohesiveness. we are able to do this as we have good communication between our team members and we are willing to help each other with different parts.