Week 6 - Individual Concept Ideation

Sheryl Shen - Fri 10 April 2020, 4:28 pm

Individual concept.

Initially,I was quite frustrated when coming up with the individual idea, since I could not find the ideal concept. The listing options are the one I have thought about.

  • Shapes

Teaching children recognising shapes by fitting the objects into the box

  • Claw machine


  • Using the claw machine to teach kids math. The idea is that the machine will show the questions by voice output and the kids have to insert the correct answer amount of candy to play the game or get back the double amount of candy they have inserted, otherwise, they will lose the candy they have inserted.

Concerns: the concept requires different materials and further Arduino elements to complete it.

The interaction may give children a negative impact of using candy to learn

  • Hop scotch

Using hopscotch to allow children to achieve certain motor skills.