Week 6 - Individual Direction & Future

Anshuman Mander - Sat 11 April 2020, 7:22 pm
Modified: Sat 11 April 2020, 7:22 pm


Continuing from previous week, our team has decided to work on the concept of Self-Aware Bot (any suggestions for better name??), with some changes. We decided to narrow down the concept to focus on sceen usage only instead of any tech. We decided on screen usage since its a habit everyone struggles with and is common in everyday environment - home. Hence, the concept now looks at ways to reduce screen usage in home through the an element of sass.

On the individual level, the team decided to opt option 1 and develop the concept collaboratively where each individual looks at a different aspects. My team mates Ben & Tim chose to look at interactions where the robot will annoy user while I decided to pursue the the opposite, where users can stop the robot from annoying them. There is only one way to stop the sass of robot and that is to stop it from talking. So, continued from previous blog, these were interactions used to stop the robot from talking -


Though these interactions fulfilled our purposes, it was quickly realised that they weren't friendly and presented a dytopian view of world, which we don't want our stakeholders to see/experience. Hence, I decided to move away from using these gruesome interactions and made them more subtle. The new interactions fulfil the same purposes but in a non-horific way -


Future -

During the next week or so, I will try to research more and include cheeky ways to stop the robot from sassing. My goal is to finalise the interactions in the Easter break and get ready to start testing (bit confused about testing due to pandemic restrictions).