Week 6 - Methods of Discovery

Sean Lim - Tue 7 April 2020, 10:51 pm
Modified: Wed 8 April 2020, 9:36 pm

Methods for discovery

Today we conducted an observation with the resources we have at hand. I observed people walking from Oxford street to Carnaby street. This observation was conducted using a youtube video. For me I think the most important things to prepare before every observation is to find out the specific things that we want to know.

Throughout this exercise, I found out three observation methods that are more efficient at gathering information for the upcoming prototype that I am working on. I decided to used these methods because it is tough for me to go to a classroom and observe a bunch of kindergarten kids learning during this pandemic. Having an interview with parents or teacher will get me to understand more about how they teach kids or the behavioural pattern of kids.

1) Online Discussion Platform

2) Youtube videos for observational studies

3) Interviews with parents or teacher

We did all these activities on Miro. It was quite messy at first but it was fun and easy to use. It helps us break down what we know and what we don’t know. I find Miro helps us brainstorm our ideas more efficiently because we usually jot down our ideas and thoughts on butchers’ paper in class. This is just another way of jotting down our thoughts.


We used Miro to help us break down our thoughts for our group assignment.Based on the diagram, we managed to find out what we need to find out for our upcoming prototype. This is just a draft break down on what we need to find out for the upcoming weeks.

Missing Knowledge

  • Types of interaction that interest the kids (Fine motor skills)
  • Parent's Perspective when it comes to learning
  • Kids behaviour when interacting it with a learning tool

Based on the missing knowledge that we have uncovered, i personally think that we need to do more contextual inquiry in order to make our prototype a more efficient learning tool for the kids to use.

Imgur Imgur

Miro for discovering what i need to find out for individual prototype

After learning how to use Miro, i have decided to start using it to find out what i need to find out for my individual prototype. This is just a brief draft on what i need to find out for my individual prototype as well. I will continue to add more things as i find out more relevant details, or if i need to break down my thoughts.