Week 6 - Methods of Discovery

Seamus Nash - Tue 21 April 2020, 1:37 pm

To start the week off, we looked into different methods of discovery we could use in the case of a pandemic. For the exercise, we had to look at observing passengers on a train. To do this, I watched a youtube video with people on the train being encouraged sing a song. From this I gained some insights and the going forward I will be watching youtube videos related to my concept to get some valuable information.

Also as a team, we were able to break our project down using our miro board to really break down what we need to discover in the future.

Over the past week by myself, I made a basic questionnaire for people of my target audience to fill out about what they would like to see in an elevator setting to interact with.

I also was able to look into how I could use arduino with the concept we have and something I came across was posenet, which looks at pose estimation.

The plan ahead for me is to do some arduino practice and grab some materials to start playing around and get a solid prototype going. I also will try and play around with posenet as well and see if this can work for my concept.