Week 6 & Mid-Sem Break Journal Entry

Chuike Lee - Fri 24 April 2020, 11:24 pm

Initial Defined Concept

I worked on the prototype documentation first just to have a guide of what to include in the prototype build, a sort of most viable product defined. As I got to the interaction section however I found that in response to the brief it is playful but the interaction could improve in novelty. The images below represent the current plan that is being modified in terms of interactions to be improved.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

Continued Research

With this concept I am hoping to design for an experience that is collaborative, playful/ fun, creative through exploring colours, and somewhat immersive. As the images above really didn’t depict this intention I set out to conduct interviews and observations. In these times it was quite interesting how it was done but I was able to gain really insightful and surprising data. Where the research did say children should have room to freely create or express through creating this was limited in reflection from observations done (conducted over zoom).

For observations I asked three parents to present their child with a blank paper, a paper with an image to colour in, and lots of colours (could have been crayons or markers or both). Of the three observations conducted all the children preferred having an image to colour in than blank paper. This also coincides with interview responses where parents expressed their child prefers to colour in something they interest in for example favourite cartoon characters. This indicated that they had creative freedom to colour in how they choose or according to their imagination but it is somewhat guided by an existing interest of the child. This information I will now use to guide the contents of what is to be coloured in but I was still missing aspects of defining the interaction paradigm that this concept would follow.

Was particularly intrigued by this train concept. It is colourful, collaborative and helped children explore colours. Not particularly physical interaction beyond moving around building blocks but it was enough to inspire changes to the initial concept.


Connecting Train Block


Other concepts also inspired other forms on interaction to be incorporated as well. The images below best illustrate this.


Interactive funky forest



Wisdom well



Grafitti Nature


For next week I will look at technologies to be used in the physical build of the concept.