Week 6 Reflection

John Cheung - Mon 4 May 2020, 3:43 am
Modified: Mon 4 May 2020, 3:43 am

Recap from last week

Due to the internet problem, I still can't connect to zoom and attend online activities organised by the teaching staffs. Also, I still haven't received my Arduino kit, I am very worried about the development progress.

Work done

I have conducted an interview with a person who had suffered from panic attack. He refused me to take video of the whole interview but allowed me to take notes on her experience.

Interview short recap

xxx is a 29 years old motion graphic design working in a content delivery compony in Taipei. He has suffered from the panic attack since he was 25 years old. It brought significant negative effect to his daily life and social interaction with friends. He avoid everything that cause his intense fear, such as water and elevator(Drowning experience). He avoid all social activities related to water, such as swimming and diving. He even avoid public transport and elevator. These environment setting may seems like claustrophobia. But in fact they are panic attack, since the patient are fear of these suffering instead of actually experiencing these environment. The imagination of these cause him physical and cognitive symptoms, including the rise in heart rate, dizziness or even shortness of breathe. The panic attack usually last from 5 to 15 minutes, the worst case is xxx feels the increase in heart rate which trigger a strong fear of suffering from heart attack that make thing worse. In his opinion, there is an instant need to bring down the heart rate to prevent the worst case happen.

Product requirement

Based on the interview feedback, research article and educational videos, I have list a few compulsory features that my final product should consider.

1, This project should be portable. Since the user has an instant need to reduce the heart rate and anxiety. It should be small or light enough for user to use it anytime and anywhere they want.

2, The material can be in a shape of bracelet or necklace since it is convent for the user to practice immediately and keep track of the heart rate

3, The structure and durability should be in a good condition. As this product is wearable, people may cause physical damage to this product. It should ensure toughness to prevent from breaking.

4, It should be instructional to guide user practice the 4-7-8 breathing technique fluently.


According to the online order stays, I am going to receive my Arduino kit in week 7. I will start doing prototype for this product and listing the potential problems that I may have during the development period.