Week 7

Shuang Wu - Mon 20 April 2020, 8:51 pm

I mentioned the potential safety issue before that waving a weapon by the people cannot see could hurt others or themselves, as well as the big movements could let them fall down. I came out another possible interactive way that the users can hold a gun and just pull the trigger towards the direction where the enemy attack sound come out. In this way, the users could avoid large movements. To achieve this, i thought of the infrared remote control. In this way, i could just put 4 receiver in the four directions and then control them by the remote. To verify my idea, i tried to use Arduino to practice it.


I pressed the up button on the remote and then the light on.


I pressed the down button on the remote and then the light off.

It seems it's a feasible way to realise our functions. But there's still a concen that will the four receiver in the four directions mess up when i just use one remote to control all of them? Although i learned that i can abstract the value of each button and then control different receivers with different buttons. I will collect the other three receivers from my teammate and verify this later.