Week 7

Peiquan Li - Sun 26 April 2020, 11:46 am
Modified: Sun 26 April 2020, 4:05 pm

What is your concept / individual focus / individual responsibility for the project?

Under the team domain, my personal focus is collecting data through multiple sensors, the data has multiple forms, depending on the sensor I use including pressure sensor, gravity sensor, gyroscope sensor or even heart rate detector. These data will transfer to my teammate Tianyi, and he will be responsible for using these data to generate music, so each one will work on his/her personal focus and we combine our work together to deliver the final product.


What is the ideal finished product? (not what you think you can implement, achieve, but what you would like to be if you had all the resources/skills you need?)

The ideal finished product would have the following features:

  • Music style changes as the user becoming tired/exhausted.
  • Playing different instruments(Fitness) will get different tones as output.
  • Music and images will make boring exercise more interesting.
  • The user could listen to the music they made instantly.

Studio & Workshop

This week's studio and workshop are focusing on reporting back the progress of the project.

  • What tech are you using?

Arduino + mobile phone + Unity, using sensors on mobile phones can be more accurate than Arduino's

  • What do you need help with (Tech + Concept)?

Not much right now, because I'm still getting familiar with Arduino sensors and working on prototype constructions and I just got the Auxiliary Kit. As for the data transfer, I'm curious about either using a cable to connect with a laptop and transfer data or use wireless techs like Bluetooth to transfer data.

  • Have you made any progress on the physical build?

Not yet, because I spent the most time working on DECO7380 last week.

In the workshop session, I got a recommendation from our tutor about using the Bluetooth module to wirelessly transfer data. Our team will consider whether to purchase one as a solution to the data transfer.


Team progress

This week, our team spent some time on Miro and map out our project related theme, domain, user group(s), and so on. As our team has decided to work together for the same user group under the same domain, we only focused on mapping out the parts that applied to the whole team.

Imgur Imgur

We might conduct some investigations to establish user requirements in the following weeks and test our prototype.