Week 7

Kelsey Quinn - Sun 26 April 2020, 11:01 pm

My Individual Concept

My concept is a device that will help primary school children learn about weight, fractions and ratios through manipulating musical sounds. The device will look like a flat rectangular box, divided into individual segments for each note. Users will place weights on pressure sensors in the appropriate segment to alter the length each note will play for. Users can also change the pitch of each note by changing out the 'note block' associated with that segment. Once the user has selected all notes and weights, they press the play button. Notes will play in order from left to right, each held for as long as the weights indicate. For example, a note with 100g weight will play for half as long as a note with 200g weight. A basic sketch of the design can be seen below.


Although the image only shows four note segments, my ideal final product would be a board with between 8 and 12 segments, so that users can create actual tunes rather than a short series of notes. There would also be an optional linking connection, so that multiple boards could be linked together infinitely, allowing users to create even longer tunes.

week 7