Week 7 - Design concept

Sicheng Yang - Mon 27 April 2020, 10:19 pm


My concept is to make a wearable device to help the user perform breathing training during jogging to enhance the exercise effect. As mentioned in my last journal, the current desktop research has pointed out that breathing training during exercise is helpful for wellbeing, and users also said that they have tried breathing training and felt effective, but they will have difficulties in the early stages of training. Therefore, I specified the target users as those who have just begun to try jogging breathing training.

The input of the device uses a microphone, and the output of the device takes into account the user's listening habits during jogging, so visual feedback is preferred. Therefore, the ideal design of this device will be a glasses-like device with a microphone.

Ideal product


The preliminary ideal design is shown in the figure. It will use a microphone to detect breathing, and an accelerometer to detect cadence to help determine the breathing frequency. A small display is set in the upper left corner of the glasses to remind the user of the current situation. There will be a beating ring and a fixed ring in the display. When it enters the inner ring, it will prompt the user to exhale and leave the inner ring to inhale. Users will get feedback if they deviate from the recommended frequency. The ideal design is that it should be a smart device that can synchronize data with the mobile phone as the record of exercise. But still, there will be two buttons on the glass legs, including start/stop button and a reset button, allowing users to quickly control.