Week 7 | Individual Approach

Lucy Davidson - Sat 25 April 2020, 5:09 pm

Individual Concept

Our team has decided to continue to develop the concept together but create individual prototypes from different perspectives. Our concept is a digital figurine that changes based on the environment it is placed in, encouraging a change in energy saving behaviour through negative reinforcement.

I have decided to base mine around the target demographic of families with school-aged children. This means my prototype needs to be fun enough to keep the children engaged but not too childish to deter adults from getting involved. It also needs to be not too complex to confuse children but complex enough to provide the appropriate data and outputs to encourage a behaviour change.

My current plan for form is based around my initial idea of Artificial Conscience. This being a hard outside with an LED grid to show facial expressions. This is because I believe it meets the requirements I have set: to be fun; and encourage an emotional connection to be formed. I still need to test whether this form is most appropriate.


Ideal Finished Product

My ideal finished product would be a polished-looking outside (made out of either laser cut frosted acrylic or 3D printed), that changes colour, makes comments if a user walks past, plays sounds, and vibrates. To turn the flashing lights, vibrations, and sounds off, the user would need to perform an interactive activity (still needs to be determined).