Week 7 - Individual Approach

Jenny Li - Sun 26 April 2020, 9:53 am

I have been searching for the existing technology that can help us with the voice changing part of our design. It seems like there is a bunch of toys that can be referenced. For the first prototype, Anna and I will work on the flower part together which we plan to simulate the voice changing and color changing of petals functions.

I will also work on the user experience testing, feedback evaluation and alternatives building. I will draft the user testing plan with the application of a suitable methodology for each prototype. This becomes challenging as we cannot physically meet, which is the main constraint for most of the user testing method. However, on the other hand, some online testing can be applied, which can provide us with qualitative data. I need to explore more about how to set up a most adaptive user testing plan so our prototype can be widely tested and have enough data for us to investigate more alternatives in our team domain.