Week 7 - Journal Entry Required

Dimitri Filippakis - Thu 23 April 2020, 1:43 pm

What Is Your Concept?

Focusing on Elevators and their surrounding space to improve the dull area. I am specifically focusing on how I can make residential elevators an exciting and new space. Team CDI came up to have two or separate interactions for if the elevator has one or several people within the elevator. To add a physical factor, for the single person, the elevator gives the user an image of a human silhouette posing. To continue, the user must pose the same for the elevator to move. When theirs several people in the elevator, the elevator gives one person a charade word then the person then acts out the charade topic and the other people must guess what that user is acting out. After one person correctly guesses the charade topic, the elevator verifies and starts moving to the selected floors.

Individual Focus

Specifically, I will be focusing on how users interact with the elevator and their emotions in how they use it (if they get frustrated, happy, excited). More specifically I will be looking into how residential people access and use elevators on a day to day basis. As residents of a high rise use an elevator every day, my focus is to find out how i can make this mundane space a more exhilarating and unique elevator journey(focusing on their emotions). I want to be able to find out if these users are willing to move away from their comfort zone and participate in something that could be potentially embarrassing. Being in an elevator it will be interesting to see what tasks users would complete going to their apartment quicker.

Individual Responsibility

My Individual responsible for this project is to re-create and simulate an elevator experience as well as test these on potential users. This includes making an ‘elevator’ as well as programming and connecting devices to test the functionalities of the new elevator. This incorporates using a camera to detect the poses (this also will require to use a machine-learning algorithm to learn specific poses) as well as a microphone to detect the words for the charade game. As well as using an Arduino kit with led and buttons to create the buttons and lights you would see in an elevator.

Ideal Finished Progress

My ideal finished product includes having an elevator frame alongside the camera and microphone working to detect if what the users are doing are correct. This includes using the camera to detect that the poses are correct and that the audio responses from the computer are correct with the charade word being generated. Below are some sketches of the ideal finished product.

Step 1


Building the frame is the first step. Just a basic rectangle-prism would work

Step 2


Adding a sheet or something that acts as a wall is the second step.

Step 3


Lastly is then setting up the mic, cam and Arduino which all require programming at some point.

Current Progress

The Following is the current set-up

This is the make shift working bench.


The Wood Pieces for the elevator frame

Imgur Imgur

Elevator Frame

Elevator frame just needs more supporting wood for the corners.