Week 7 Project Individual Focus

Annan Yuan - Fri 24 April 2020, 3:29 pm
Modified: Fri 24 April 2020, 3:31 pm

Individual Responsibility

Based on the new design concept and the limited number of team members, I mainly focused on the appearance design of products, which included product materials and product appearance. This is directly related to the shape of the final outcome of our project. In my current explorations, we may use plastic or resin for making petals, magnets, and iron to make petals detachable to the blossom, and hollow plastic tubes for making flower rods, while leaves can be applied to plastic with a similar texture to petals, or softer cotton cloth can be used.

I hope to find the best materials that can well show the design concept and inner technical part of our team. For example, the petals will have different colors, so the material of the petals must be transparent. From this week's studio, Lorna gave me advice about using Hand-Moldable Plastic products can achieve our needs.


Imgur Imgur

Moreover, the petals are detachable, so the user needs to have a moderate suction of the magnet, to enable the user to smoothly and effortlessly pick the petals, but also to make the unpicked petals on the stamen of the stable suction.


In order for the flower to wiggle, the stem material needs to be able to support the flower firmly and bend. My current idea is to use many truncated hard plastic tubes in series, but the final solution still needs to be determined by experimental comparison.

Ideal Finished Product

If I had all the resources and skills that I need, I have the confidence to let the appearance of the LOME reach the original idea that we had maybe even more refined since it will be 3D and more detailed than the sketch.


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