Week 7 The concept

Jiayu Li - Mon 25 May 2020, 4:33 pm

This week I begin work on my individual prototype part.


According to the feedback and group discussions which I got from the group, I got some initial inspiration. Our target user is a student, so I have to find sports that are suitable for students, such as skipping rope and running. So I did a survey of sports that students liked.

At first, I need to do more research on my concept, So I found a lot of literature on the Internet. This is the most useful literature I used.


Key related work

The main document I refer to is the 2019 ‘Academic Stress and Physical Activity in Adolescents’ which demonstrates that lack of exercise in adolescents will cause excessive stress. It is also recommended that school administrators and educators pay attention to the problem of the lack of exercise among teenagers. According to the research with the development of the times, the pressure on students was greater before. Because they need to learn more knowledge than before. Therefore, people realize that a reasonable allocation of leisure and sports time is crucial. Although students have time for physical education, most sports are boring for those who do not like sports, such as monotonous running. Humans can't relieve stress when they ding the work they reject, so my project is to make a fun sports fitness game for students, and then help them relieve their stress.

The article mentions that mental disorders occur more frequently in younger than older individuals. However, most decompression products are videos or a soothing object. These decompression products can not attract teenagers better. On the other hand, the article also mentioned that exercise is a more effective way to relieve stress. At the same time, most teenagers like to play games. So I combined sports with video games to attract young people.


Because of the COVID-19, I conducted an online investigation. I am a student at the university. I can ask my classmate for the research. They can be investigated, I send them the link of Google Form, and here is the result I got.


The results show that most people like to run, dance, and play basketball. Running is the most popular one. So I think the sport of running should be added to this project. During the interview, some people mentioned that although running is the most effective way to exercise, however that is a boring exercise. People usually like to do this sport with music. This gave me some inspiration. I noticed that dancing is also one of the popular sports, and it is also accompanied by music. (Barbara Fredrickson) believes that using music to reduce stress is good for our physical and mental health. So I decided to combine these two sports methods to complete my project.

Next week

  • Design preliminary prototype
  • Make a survey for preliminary prototype