Week 8 - Making of buzzing board

Sean Lim - Sun 10 May 2020, 4:49 pm
Modified: Sun 10 May 2020, 5:15 pm

I use a cereal box for my buzzing game, i attached the aluminium foil on the inside of the cereal to establish the connection.I attached the buzzer with the aluminium foil and connected the positive end with copper tape and poking a hole on the side of the cereal box using a pin. I insert the negative side of the buzzer through the hole and attach it on the outside of the box using copper tape.



I poked a hole through the top of the cereal box using a pin to insert the positive side of the led pin in the cereal box and the negative pin of the led pin on the outside of the box. I then attached both ends of the pin on the aluminium foil with copper tape



I attached the lithium battery to the outside of the foil using normal tape and connect it with the tweezers using copper tape


Construction of the box

I cut the shapes from the cardboard and fold the aluminium foil back up and through the opening and attach it to the outside of the cereal box using normal tape.


Colour sensor

For the colour sensor, i use cardboard to cover the surrounding of the sensor to prevent surrounding light from interfering with the colour sensor.


Completion of prototype

  • Next week i will be doing some usability testing and complete my prototype document and video as well.