Week 8

Chuike Lee - Fri 15 May 2020, 1:49 pm
Modified: Fri 15 May 2020, 1:49 pm

For week 8, I developed the scene or the background for interaction in Unity. Instead of going the free draw route from the initial idea, the information gathered from both the interviews and observations showed that children express prefer to interact with are from an existing interesting like colouring in a cartoon character or something they are previously familiar with and like. So the concept I have adapted it to be like colouring in an animated colouring book. It will have existing drawing to be coloured in. In addition, I will include other animated objets in the background for free/ open ended play. Where the children are not required to colour in but interpret and play with as they choose. This is also to encourage the physical movement aspect of this project.

One big challenge so far is not finding a Unity animated 2D asset that matches an exisiting children’s cartoon character like Bob the Builder. As specific as that is I tried to make it much broader but still no such character. I’ve decided use an alternative character that looks like (but not really) like a minion from Despicable Me. For week I didn’t make significant progress. The image below is the background scene being created for the colouring in carpet.


One key thing that I would want to have figured out for my prototype is have objects in the game that require colour mixing interaction and having character in the scene that moves about but needs colouring in. The idea here is that the character will be in motion in the scene but will be interactive with touch input from the user. At the touch input it will stop moving and wait to be coloured in based on which glove they are using to touch the animated character. The character takes the colour of the glove it is touched with. If two gloves are used at a time, then the character is coloured with the output of those two colours combined. That is, Red glove and green glove are used the character is coloured in yellow.

Having some technical difficulties (internet and laptop going blue screen) and might need to go in to UQ to be able to work on my concept but hopefully that's not the case.