Week 8

Kelsey Quinn - Sun 21 June 2020, 10:34 pm

I spent time this week, as well as previously during semester break, working on getting the pressure sensor working with the Arduino. I used tutorials online, and managed to get the pressure sensor to send readings to the Serial monitor. At this stage, it just prints readings every second, so I will need to work on getting it to send readings only when needed.

I have struggled a lot with motivation lately, and am still not fully adjusted to online learning. I’m worried that, given I have only just started working on my prototype, I won’t be able to finish it to a sufficient standard. Just the work I have done recently has revealed several smaller issues that need to be resolved, such as how precisely the pressure needs to be applied for it to be registered, and I’m only just coming to realise how much time it may take to properly implement all the features I planned. Combined with my motivation recently, I’m doubtful of my ability to complete my prototype to a standard I’m happy with.

week 8