Yuanyuan Wei - Sun 26 April 2020, 10:50 pm
Modified: Sun 26 April 2020, 10:51 pm

Tuesday Studio

In-studio, I reported the question as following:

• What did you achieve over the break?

  • I interviewed with the project, including interview questions and tasks. We want to get some feedback about the project function or game flow is reasonable or where we need to rethink.
  • Working with an online tutorial with this project.

• What is your main task for the next week?

  • The main task for the next week is Still working with Ardunio and finished about 40% of all work.

• What concerns do you have about completing?

About the time of online shopping with Arduino sensors and kits. If the sensors not on time, we will use plan B with other sensors.

Thursday Workshop

In the workshop, I reported to tutor what technology was applied to this project.

Firstly, I introduced the project. This work is a game that provides visually impaired people who would exercise hearing sensitivity.

Because the target user is unique, they can not see the world, so the game sound is useful to the user. The game will play sound effects through four speakers for the audience to listen. I am responsible for designing the music used in the game. The technology will include using Adobe audition software to make the 3D game surrounds.

And then. I will be using Unity to design the sounds as that put sounds in a 3d space and virtually move the player in the 3d space to change the sound levels from 4 speakers.

Precautions when design and play the game and interview

This week, I made the interview plan for our project, and I have summarised the precautions of design and play the game

Imgur Imgur Imgur

3D surround background music

After this week's group meeting, the team members agreed that the sound effects of the game are a more critical part of our game design, so my group task has changed. In the future prototype, I will design the 3D surround background music in the game, and use Unity to show how to use the sound effects of this part of the game.