Week 8 - Individual Project Development

Michelle Owen - Sun 10 May 2020, 6:47 pm


In the studio I was able to establish how far I had come with my prototype development and also what I had left to do before submission.

For the most part, I was really happy with my progress. I had a functional MVP which is what I aimed to have working for the deliveravle due on Monday. I still wanted a reset button working so I could demonstrate how my concept was able to facilitate complex drawings so, after I had a conversation with the teaching team and my group, I set off to work on my reset button's functionality.

I got this reset functionality working about an hour after the formal studio session ended.



In the workshop I began storyboarding and writing my script for the video.


After a fair while of writing and reflecting, I decided that I may still have time between then (Friday morning) and when the deliverable was due to get very rough audio feedback integrated into my system's working functionality. I decided that, in order to pursue this goal, I should first have a proper understanding of how I was to go about implementation. I called a friend on zoom and rubber ducked the whole implementation approach for audio-tolerance ranges and, by the end of the conversation, was fairly confident that I would be able to integrate audio feedback.