Week 8 - Individual Project Development pt.2

Michelle Owen - Tue 5 May 2020, 10:49 pm

Studio Report Back

It was great to see how my team's individual projects are progressing. I as previously established in Week 8 - Individual Porject Development pt.1, I have been working a fair bit on the physical form of my prototype



In the workshop I decided I was going to further pursue synesthesia/ chromasthesia as the theoretical justification for linking sound to colour. Studies have been done into both of these theories/phenomena and it is possible to form somewhat objective links from colour to sound. This means, in essence, some people are able to hear colour.

So from here, I have attributed each colour with a theoretically supported sound/musical note. I want to do some user testing going forward in this space and then, depending on time, think about integrating it into my prototype.

Aside from this, in the workshop I continued on my individual project developmemt.

Individual Project Development - Linking the Physical and Digital

After some reconfiguration of my Unity Settings, C# code and Arduino code, I know have a semi-functional prototype! My physical pressure pads can control the colour being displayed on my digital canvas and (more importantly) the colours successfully mix together:


Users can combine any of the available colours together and can add more of a certain colour by reselecting/applying pressure to that colour pad again. I am absolutely stoked I got this working as I was having a fair bit of trouble connecting my physical buttons to my Unity interface. Nevertheless, I ran with the logic I established in the my last post and it proved effective.