Week 8 Part 2

Rhea Albuquerque - Sun 3 May 2020, 9:39 am

More Building Progress

I continued building the prototype this weekend. I have decided to go with two hexagons to user test and refine Emily for this first phase. I got the ultrasonic sensor attached as well to check if someone is in close proximity to Emily. When the person is, Emily will begin to measure temperature and compare it against the actual outside temp. As you can see I have the red and green light working.

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I conducted some user feedback testing as well on the weekend. My friend was able to play around with Emily and see it functionality so far. She suggested that I could add other controls that hang off the installation. Such as a gimble of some sort to shake and twist to turn off Emily when she is unhappy. She also suggested adding a speaker inside the hexagon and this could act as a voice. This was some good initial feedback and its things I will take into consideration.

I also need to figure out how to make the conductive touch hide underneath the lid of the hexagon. Just so it looks tidier. I also need to figure out where I will place the ultrasonic sensor and temperature sensor in the installation. As this will all be placed on the wall in a home.

Inspo for this week

My inspiration for this week is the LED chase the light effect. After talking to my teammates, it was suggested that this little game could be something that is played to switch Emily off. I thought this would be a great idea to incorporate and it would be annoying as well for the user. I also want to keep in mind my target audience and how this would be perceived towards them. Would it be something they are interested in?