Week 8 - Testing and Updates

Anshuman Mander - Thu 30 April 2020, 12:08 pm


As mentioned in the last blog, I conducted a survey to gather some further insights into my individual direction. The questions in survey revolves around exploring what the tester thinks about the current concept, how it may be different to their mental models and if given chance what would they change about it. The survey can be found here.

Responses and changes -

Through the testing, it was revealed that the interactions themselves are sassy and makes sense to testers but further improvements can be made. The testers suggested some reactions when the robot is stopped. This reaction can be verbal or some other minor retaliation. When asked for ways to stop user from stopping robot further, testers suggested that robot plays by rules of user and later retaliate. This lines up straight with our idea of the robot gaining control over user's devices in order to retaliate more. When asked for features to include, the response was for inculsion of interactions that made the robot happier. Based on the summary above, few changes were made to concept and interactions -

  • Addition of reactions when robot is stopped (These reactions would come under my team mates focus, such as the robot screaming would be handled by Ben).
  • The robot plays nice and doesn't sass in verbal ways, when it is stopped. It rather stops the TV or controls TV and doesn't express it. Not expressing helps robot from being stopped again.
  • One more interaction would be included that makes the robot happier. This gives user the chance to apologise to the robot.

A reflection on ideal finished product -

In the previous entry, I said the ideal finished product is similar to what I'm developing. Looking back at it, there a few things I would have included. I left the part where robot has reactions. If I had more time, I would have liked to see reactions from the robot, such as yelling if its ear is pulled or going around in circles if its view is blocked. As of now there is not much I can do to make them work.