Week 8 (What the Ideal Concept should be)

Chuike Lee - Fri 15 May 2020, 1:53 pm
Modified: Fri 15 May 2020, 1:54 pm

Ideal Finished Concept

The ideal finished product will overall be a playful opened interaction. The story board below also included in the interaction plan of this prototype documentation best describes this. I will explain afterwards how it works, the form it will take, the content, and the contributions I hope this concept will bring.


It will not require previous knowledge of colours, nor will it require instructions to use the mat. It is free open ended interaction. If the child does not wish to mix colours they can play with the birds animated, or try to obstruct the animated character by physical position detect by Kinect.

The Mat should ideally be able to facilitate up to 12 little children colouring in at the same time. It should have lots of coins coloured red, green blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow. It should have birds flying around in the scene and interacting with flowers in the scene also. The game should have physical objects (not necessarily gloves) that are colour coordinated. But mainly coloured with primary additive colours (RGB). In the storyboard above the object is represented by gloves. The white carpet will generate/ display the colour in scene. The only thing in the scene that requires colour-in however, is the character that goes around and collects coins. To collect a coin the character will first have to be coloured in to match the coin. Who both the coin and character matches, the coin is collected, and the coin counter is increased to reflect and record number of coins collected. Ideally there will be a counter for each colour. This is to indicate how many coins collected are from successfully combining colours, and how many are from using a primary colour.

The story board has a white carpet however it does not show what the carpet is expected to display. The image below represents the content of the carpet.



After repeated interaction with this concept, it would be a success if children open shared and initiated conversations about colour mixing. Knowing which colours when combined produces another colour. The concept would also be a success if children took advantage of animated interactions with the birds in the scene. It might be good to consider changing or generating new background to maintain some sort of challenge and intrigue for children to interact with new background characters. I will make a note of this in considerations going forward.