Week 9

Timothy Harper - Fri 8 May 2020, 10:24 am

This week I have been focussed on getting my first prototype all wrapped up. My plan is to build a little hub on top of a robotic vacuum which can store all of the electronics and sensors without looking too shabby. I have managed to do this using a square piece of foam with a cylindrical cutout.

This design implementation only suits my functionality however, as the other designers in my group have different roles and thus different designs. Hopefully for the final we can all come together with a single design and all functionality.

This week we are also working on preparing videos and reports for the first prototype. I have begun a script for the video.

As the video is set to go for ten minutes we can put in lots of information.

To start the video I plan to have a trailer of sorts, showcasing all the parts of the robot with combined footage from all the teammates. This trailer of sorts should try and go for about 30 seconds - 1 minute. This gets the viewer thinking into the space of which our robot lies.

Then switching to me, I will go through the end goal of the prototype, being to reduce users screen time. I will go through some research on the current times people might typically use their devices each day, and that sometimes this can't be avoided. However for many of us stuck at home, we are losing major productivity. Hopefully this section can be from 1-2 minutes.

The section following will look at how I imagine people engaging with the product. I have a test subject in my house who will give live feedback as to how they react and further explanations required if they dont understand. In essence, the user sits either watching TV or on their phone and begins getting harassed by the robot. For my section, I can show the robot progressively getting more and more sassy, if they continue to sit there. For example, they might begin by turning down the robot, and then turning up the volume. It might then change the channel, and then leading on from there turn off the TV completely.

Following this section I will go through what features aren't implemented yet, and outline what these are for the next deliverable.