Week 9

Shuang Wu - Wed 13 May 2020, 10:18 pm

After the successful experimets with the infrared remote, i decided to make the remote controllor into a gun, which can enable the users just pull the trigger to transmit the signal. Meanwhile, considering the controller is a gun, i even made up a story for this game that the zombies strikes, destoried the electric power and forced people into a building. People cannot see where the zombies come in at night, our blind hero stands out at this time as he can hear the zombies' movement and know where they are with his super hearing ability. And then shoot against zombies attack. To make our hero a weapon, i disassembled a Arduino remote controllor and a remote car controllor, transplanted the chip in the fomer to the latter. Imgur

The circuit for each button on the Arduino remote control has 2 electrodes, the connecting with the 2 electrodes means this button pressed. Therefore i connected them with wire jumpers and attached them with the gun trigger, which means pulling the trigger equals connecting the electrodes.