Week 9

Xue Xia - Wed 20 May 2020, 1:45 am
Modified: Wed 20 May 2020, 1:46 am

This week I work on building the prototype, create the video demonstration, and finished the description document. In this assignment, my performance is really bad. I have used too much time to finalize, which make me have no enough time to solve the technical problem when building the prototype. I have no enough time to finished the video demonstration as well, it requests 6 minutes but my video less than 4 minutes. I have finished the document demonstration, but if I have more time, I may perform better on it.

There are two reasons why I perform very badly on this assignment. The major problem that I have faced is a time management problem. I really use too much time on finalizing the concept to lack the time of building prototype and video. Due to using some time to rebuild the team concept with another team, I got my initial concept on week 6. I have done some research and changed my concept in week 7 and week 8. I finally got the concept for the rest of my project on Friday this week, and begin to build the prototype on Saturday. Although I have done some user research, literature review and have learned something about the function that I need to achieve for my concept during the weeks that I have used to change concepts, it is not useful when building the prototype for the assignment, because I have made a big change on the week 8, which means nearly nothing can be used for this assignment from the weeks before. Finally, I have used too much time on building the concept but have not enough time to do other parts of my assignment. Thus, the biggest problem that I have faced is time management problems. The way to solve the problem is that setting weekly tasks and the weekly deadlines for myself for the rest of the works and finding a way that can always warn me to finish the task on time.

The other reason is that I have faced technical issues when I build functions in Arduino. I have tried to learn the neo-pixel strip and LCD display. I have used more than 10 hours to follow the Youtube video tutorial to learn these two functions. I have tried different videos. I am sure I make the code and the link of the electronic line correct. However, when I click the upload, it always reports an error. Finally, when I try to just run the sample code, it reports the error as well. The error report seems no reason and makes me very sad that I finally cannot show functions in the video. Finally, I only show two functions and stimulate others in the video. The two functions that I have achieved are LED blinking and a finished webpage that can let the user input their weekly timetable, a task that time they want to work per day, do self-report of whether they have finished tasks and input the assignment deadline.

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