Week 9

Jiexiang Xu - Wed 20 May 2020, 5:22 am
Modified: Sat 23 May 2020, 5:40 am

I have been working on the physics part for the whole week. Because we chose to complete the project in a cooperative manner, we carried out physical construction in the library every day.

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Software part:

Last week most of the problems were solved, after asking other students with IT background. In the original plan, we will create a lot of folders to store audio, but in the actual process of writing code, this step is too much. The audio file generated by the recorder can be stored in a variable, and we can perform user operations by setting instructions. For example, the transfer is to transfer the file stored in the variable A to the empty variable B. In this way, the name of the audio file can be omitted, and the storage location of the file becomes no longer important. For controlling the recording duration by pressing the button duration, this function cannot be solved temporarily, because this student does not know how to implement it. In addition, for the keys that have been said to control the recording function before, the Space is used. However, in the actual design process, the commands output by the Arduino control the execution of the function, so we don’t have to cling to the space bar or ctrl + c to control the execution of the module


In order to make the logic of the command output more clear, I made a table. This table also marks the sensors we will use. The highlight part is the component we need to order.


Physical part:

The entire construction process was fairly smooth. But there was a problem in this process, and let us have no progress for at least 2 days.

After setting up the basic circuit according to the requirements of the design, Lorna said that there are too many wires and they need to be organized to meet the aesthetic requirements. After Clay helped us rebuild the route, a serious problem appeared. He used pull-up resistors to replace some physical resistors, in order to reduce the number of resistors and wires, but there were always some components that did not respond when running. After we checked the circuit and the code, nothing special was found (we tested each sensor and component separately to find the problematic part, but during operation, each component can operate normally, only when combining them together, the problem appeared). After we searched the Internet for a long time and ruled out many possible causes of this situation, the cause of this situation may be due to the addition of pull-up resistors. Some components can only use physical resistance, such as sensors that output analog signals, because it may interfere with other sensors. So after adding a part of the physical resistance, the circuit can run smoothly.

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In addition, we also tried to use the tilt switch to trigger the playback function (originally intended to use the vibration sensor, but Clay said that similar functions can be achieved through the tilt switch and hope that we can try to complete. Based on budget considerations, we also agree to the method). The method given by Clay does not fully meet the needs of our project. In his code, shaking more than a number within 10 seconds can trigger a function. But when the tilt switch is shaken to the second time, it will trigger the transmission function, which is not what we expected. For this problem, it can be achieved by counting, but the code part needs to be changed a lot. We expect this may take a lot of time and it is not suitable to be implemented at this stage (our time is only 2 days left and there are still many parts that have not been completed, such as reports and videos). So this part was abandoned by us, and we still keep reading the value of the pressure sensor to trigger the playback function. Vibration sensors may be used directly in the next stage, because this method seems to be faster.


Report and video section:

Because we are a cooperative project, some content is shared, such as interaction plan, background, domain space and introduction of Sound Lab. The interaction plan for the team and the individual has been designed.

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Next step:

  • Complete report and show video
  • Collect feedback and analyze