Week 9

Jiayu Li - Mon 25 May 2020, 7:56 pm

This week I began to connect my sensor and do the research for that. I am unfamiliar with the sensor connected, thus I search online to complete it. And I found this tutorial picture.


follow this, I try to add another sensor for my project. I need more than 4 of the sensor, so I change some of the code which I found. I use 2days on it, I try to connect them together, and make sure the sensor can control the LED light.here is a mini mat which I use to test my project.

Imgur Imgur

When I finish the connection, I have to test this.

Interaction Plan:

This is a sports decompression game, the user achieves the interactive effect of fitness by touching the machine with his body.


  1. The user needs to click the start button on the screen to start the game,
  2. At the start of the game, the lights on the carpet will light up in sequence with the music
  3. Users need to remember the order of lights
  4. When the music stops, the user can choose to replay or continue
  5. If you choose to replay, you will return to the second step.
  6. If you choose to continue, users need to step on the buttons next to the corresponding lights in the same order
  7. If there is an error, a prompt tone will appear and a choice will appear: prompt or try again.
  8. If the sequence is correct, the next level will be entered.

This will be a level-breaking game. The speed of the current level will affect the score of the level, so the user needs to run to the corresponding light to achieve a higher score. Each level will be more difficult than the previous level, this gradually increasing difficulty game method can make players more interested



In the future design, I will add the unity part. My idea comes from a piano game. Unity can display different colored squares to prompt the user to touch off the corresponding color lights on the mat, and then the music will automatically be played with a button. Users can play a song by this exercise method. Users will listen to soothing music to relieve stress in this way. I think this game mode can make this game more playable

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Next week

Summarize and analyze the results of the first test