Week 9

Kelsey Quinn - Sun 21 June 2020, 10:34 pm

This week I worked on a system to detect which note block is placed. At first, I was advised by tutors to use a camera and make use of either Vuforia or a colour detecting program. After spending some time reading and researching various camera technologies, I was still very confused. I asked again at the workshop session, and this time I was recommended to use copper tape as a switch to create a circuit. This made much more sense to me, and I used copper tape on the bottom of the note block to create a connection between two jumper cables. I coded the connection like a button, so that it sends the note name to Serial, along with the pressure sensor reading, whenever the note block is placed.

I have since added a second button to function as the play button, so that the readings are only sent to Serial when this button is placed. I had some trouble getting all the buttons to work, particularly with getting the buttons to register being reset and ready to send the next reading. Again, I got help from tutors to use a state check, along with some tutorials online, and successfully got all buttons to work as intended.

While I have gotten the three main functions of my prototype working, they are all in their most basic form, and I still have to use the readings to actually play the correct sounds. This will have to be mocked for next week’s demonstration. I also haven’t given much thought yet to how I will create the form of the prototype, as I’m still very much focused on the functionality. I’m also a little worried about how I will actually create the form, as I don’t have a whole lot of access to materials.

week 9