Week 9 - Demo wrap-up

Jenny Li - Sun 10 May 2020, 2:43 pm

It has been a long week because my team has to re-allocate the job and restart to build the Arduino again.

What have I done?

Plan changing !!!

Because three of our teammates are working on the same project together but separate the job instead of developing our own version, it caused the problem that we need to fully communicate about our allocation and focus. For the beginning, I was assigned to build the prototype based on the "boundary" function, which the Arduino can respond to the user's speech. I focused on the voice recognition technique which I thought that was my focus. However, in the end of last week, through the discussion and exchanging the progress and findings with other teammates, I found that the voice recognition in my part is repetitive with the key words recognition technique for Anna. Then we have to discuss again and finally decide to split the work which she takes charge of the voice recognition and I focus on the Arduino building, and ideally, our parts can be combined later. So I basically gave her advice about the findings on voice recognition I have got and started to build the Arduino.

Arduino building

My work is to prototype the function that LOME responds to the user when they arrive home and the petal colour can change based on the conversation happened. In this stage, I use the Sound Sensor module to enable the LED light to respond to the user’s speech.

I set a certain decibel which only when the sound’s decibel exceeds this number, the LED light will on. This set certain decibel number is used to simulate when the user is shouting out the negative emotion, and the red LED light will turn on. Otherwise, if the user’s emotion is plain or happy, the low decibel voice will not trigger the LED light.